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Image:Atarisoft_centipede_apple.jpg|thumb|150px|Typical example of Atarisoft packaging. The predominantly red cover of Centipede (video game)|Centipede corresponds to the Apple II format. '''Atarisoft''' was a brand|brand name used by Atari, Inc in 1983 and 1984 to market video games they published for home systems made by their competitors. Each platform had a specific color attributed by Atarisoft for its game packages. For example, video games sold for the Commodore 64 came up in green packages, games for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A in yellow, games for the IBM PC in blue, and so on. Despite being in existence for less than two years, Atarisoft had a huge video game library with dozens of game versions being released for various home computers and video game console|consoles. Almost all of the Atarisoft titles were produced by third-party software companies, as Atari only developed for their own systems....
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